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Waterloo, at Waterloo

So, it was an epic game. Probably 1200 minis on the table, six players, and a whole lot of, "what is that rule again?" But, it was a good game. Here are a few pics of the game taken at the top and bottom of each turn. In total, we played five or six turns (I have pics for five) before wives started calling folks home.

There was a massive cavalry battle at the other end of the table that I didn't get to see too much of but it was pretty epic by itself where the upper hand was exchanged at each turn. see Rob for stories of his fight against ALL of the British cavalry, ever...


Face Off: The forces stare across the battlefield. The Allies brace for the French assault.


Turn One: French cannon open up on the Allies to little effect. The Prussians move to set up a strong left flank.


Turn Two: The French assault the Allied center but the line holds!


Turn Three: The Allied line begins to wear down the French assault at the center. The French maneuver to assault the Prussians to the east while the Prussians continue to bring more troops to the field.


Turn Four: The French commit the Guard to the center as their initial assault completely stalled. The cavalry probe on the Prussian line was quickly repelled but gave the French time to reposition their forces. The Prussians started to advance slowly not to expose themselves to the French cavalry lurking in the town. The British line begins to buckle under the weight of the French but it holds.


Turn Five: The French Guard enters the battle and as the initial French assault troops retire from the battle. The French cavalry finally sees an opening and catches an fusilier battalion out of position and routs them from the field but exposes themselves to a counter charge by cavalry AND another fusilier battalion looking to exact revenge on the marauding chasseurs.


Turn Six: The battle comes to an end. The Allied center is in tatters but it is still holding against the French onslaught. Fresh Hanoverian cavalry waits to assault against the weary French while the Prussians continue to pour heavy fire against the French infantry and cavalry holding them in place.

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