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Waterloo Games is a small, locally run shop dedicated to meeting your gaming needs.  Being a small shop, we have the luxury of getting to know our customers as friends, and always treat everyone with respect.  As our name would imply, Waterloo Games is focused on historical gaming from all periods, but we absolutely welcome, play, and carry other genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, and the like. 


We have several tables and terrain to fill them at your disposal, which you are welcome to use in our shop at no cost.  If a table is open, you are welcome to it.  If you’d like to call ahead to make sure a table is free or reserve one, just visit our Contact Us page to reach out. 


While in our shop, we want you to enjoy yourself, and we ask that you treat everyone with respect, be mindful of people’s gaming time and don’t interrupt game-play.  For some folks, their time in the shop is the only bit of gaming they can get in and it’s very important to them.  Finally, we ask that there be no game or army shaming.  We all choose games and armies because they speak to us in some manner and we put time and effort into them to build and paint.  The last thing anyone wants to hear is, ‘ugh!  You play that game?!’


We are a small shop, run by gamers, for gamers, and everyone involved has a full-time job. We will do our best to return calls, emails, chats, etc. as quickly as possible.  If we are a little slow on the response, please know we will follow-up as quickly as possible.   


Our customer’s safety is a priority.  While in the store, there is strictly no horse-play, shouting, or rough-housing.  You will be asked to leave immediately. 


Purchases made in-store or online are not shared with anyone.  Likewise, customer information, including name, address, email, phone numbers, and credit card information, will not be sold to or shared with anyone. It will only be used for official store purposes, such as product purchases, shipping, or other authorized communications such as online subscriptions at


Our store website,, facilitates the collection and storage of personal contact information for site members.  Joining our site is completely voluntary and only grants the user the ability to comment on blog posts and participate in forum discussions.  Membership requires a valid email address be given during sign-up, but other information including name and phone number is optional and is not required for membership.  Furthermore, any additional information supplied during membership sign-up is optional and any information given during the sign-up is considered to be given voluntarily.  Information stored on the website is secured by wix security and will not be sold or shared with anyone and will only be used for official store purposes such as product purchases, shipping, or other authorized communications such as online subscriptions at


No payments will be taken through the site.  All orders made through our site, will be tendered through credit card or PayPal invoice via a follow-up email.

Payment Methods

These policies apply only to orders made through 


Any purchase made though our How to Order page may be picked up in the store or shipped directly to the customer.  When making the order, please indicate your preference in the initial order email. 


Items available in our store inventory will be pulled from the shelves, tagged, and held for you once payment is received.  Items that are not currently in stock will be ordered from the vendor with our next planned order.

In Store Pickup: You will receive an email notification when the items are ready for pickup.  You may pickup during our regularly scheduled business hours.  If none of these times suit, please contact us for alternate arrangements.

Items Shipped to You: Your order will be held until all items are in stock and will be shipped to you in the most cost effective manner via the United States Postal Service. We will make every effort to ship as quickly as possible. All orders over $80 will have no shipping cost.  Orders less than $80 will include the best available shipping rate.  Waterloo Games only ships to the continental United States. 

Orders placed through the online store,, require immediate payment through PayPal and are subject to a $9.00 flat shipping rate.  

Store Pickup And Shipping

Exchanges will be accepted within 60 days of receipt as long as the item is unopened and in the condition in which it was received, and accompanied by a purchase receipt.  Exchanges must equal or exceed the value of the returned item. No cash refunds will be permitted. 


If a product is defective, please communicate directly with the manufacturer as they are better able to respond to your concern and make it right. 

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