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Historical Miniatures

This is what the shop was built upon and is probably the most played genre...and it's a broad genre!  We play Napoleonics, Ancients, ACW, American War of Independence, WW2, WW1, modern infantry skirmish, sailing name just a few.  Rules sets include Black Powder, Soldiers of Napoleon, Hail Caesar, UltraCombat, Bolt Action, Form on the Admiral's Wake, Victory at Sea, Victory on the River...just about anything someone wants to promote!



Battletech...the name and the game have been around for decades...and I'm proud to say it is going strong at our shop!  I would dare say we are the hub for B'tech in central Virginia...we have games going every Friday night with a campaign event once a month.  We carry a full line of the new plastic mechs, books, maps, cards, and anything else new that Catalyst Game Labs comes out with for this incredible game.  Bring your Mechs, or bring yourself ready to strap in to a borrowed cockpit...we'll get you in a game any Friday you want to!


Games Workshop games

What would a game shop be without good old GW?  We play just about ALL of the GW family of games...we've had 40k Crusades, Age of Sigmar  bring & plays, Necromunda leagues, Blood Bowl leagues, Kill Team games, Lord of the Rings games...heck, we've even seen some Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis waves of games!  While we don't do tournaments, we definitely do leagues and just good ol' open gaming of everything GW!


Waterloo Maximus

We embody the idea that "if you bring it, we will game it!"  Waterloo Maximus is our version of the old....very old...Circus Maximus racing chariots of ancient Rome!  Usually on Tuesday evenings, we set up the track, put out the racing chariots, and race for the glory of....well, just about whatever you want to!  Watch the shop calendar for the next season of Waterloo Maximus!


Heavy Gear Blitz!

This game is gaining traction steadily, with many new armies being built and ready to get on the table.  It's a nice alternative to other sci-fi and man/machine games, plays fast and the models are really cool!  Come check it out, or bring your own faction and get up a game!


Flames of War/Team Yankee

Yeah, I know...we covered historicals up above...but these two games deserve their own place here!  We are your go-to supplier for all things Battlefront from the mountains to the coast in central Virginia...we play Flames of War and Team Yankee regularly and we get in every new release.  So whether you need reinforcements, or need to build that new army, we're your place for goodies and gaming!

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